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The Director of HuHul-Kin, Angelica Estrada Rosas, is an accomplished artist and teacher.  Upon arriving in Puerto Morelos in 1992, Angelica worked with a private teacher to give instruction to disadvantaged and challenged children as well as illiterate adults.  From 1997 to 2007 she continued to work independently to teach disadvantaged children and when needed, she provided food and a safe haven to women and children in crisis.

After several years of observing the dedication of Angelica in her work with children and aiding women and children in need, Nancy Wrobel and Marina Telfer board members of Maria’s Children International (and current board members of HuHul-Kin), talked with Angelica about the Maria’s Children organization.  In the summer of 2009 Angelica began teaching basic educational skills as well as art in the form of Mexican yarn art.  A fellow artisan, Mauricio Soriano, taught hammock weaving.  Drawing scenes from Mexican indigenous stories and legends was also part of this after school program, which included a hot meal.  During this same time period, Angelica continued to provide food and a safe haven for women and children at risk.  During 2009 and 2010 a Canadian volunteer with Maria’s Children also taught some of the older children photography.

El Bano created for HuHulKin-Rays of the Sun

Eco-friendly shower and toilets were built for the program

Since 2009 Maria’s Children International was only able to fund the monthly payment for the small thatched roof work space where the children’s program has been conducted.   At this time HuHul-Kin is in the process of purchasing a parcel of land in the jungle near the town of Puerto Morelos.  This land will offer space to build a shelter for women and children in crisis and provide a workspace for the disadvantaged children’s program.  Angelica, who lives at the edge of poverty herself, continues to struggle to aid women and children in crisis and also gives occasional help to children after school.

Relationship with Other Organizations

Discover Puerto Morelos Mexico and HuHul-Kin Rays of the Sun

Discover Puerto Morelos Mexico and HuHul-Kin Rays of the Sun

As stated above, HuHul-Kin – Rays of the Sun began as a program of Maria’s children international.  The Maria’s Children programs in Russia support the HuHul-Kin organization THROUGH THE GIFT of original art produced by the children in the three Russian programs.  Sales from these original pieces, along with greeting cards created from some of the children’s art, are our main sources of income along with contributions and our grant writing efforts.  We are actively working on establishing cooperative fund raising projects with other non-profit organizations.  Recently Frua (families of Russian and Ukraine adoptions) PURCHASED a substantial number of cards and posters for their membership.

Third World Jubilee supports HuHul-Kin – Rays of the Sun through cooperative festival events.

Raising Hope Foundation sells HulHul-Kin art and cards at their thrift store in Park Rapids MN.

Good Karma Skincare supports HuHul-Kin from the sale of their natural skin care products.