New Partners for HuHul-Kin Rays of the Sun

Bush and Marta

Bush and Marta

Marta Povedano Concha and her husband “Bush” have many connections in Puerto Morelos.  They are planning to work with us to make the shelter for women and children and the children’s educational arts program a priority for the soon to be formed Mexican non-profit organization that they are spearheading.

Marta is a native of Puerto Morelos and Bush (originally from Minnesota) has been a resident of Puerto Morelos for several years.  Both of them are in agreement that a crisis shelter and children’s educational arts program is a need in Puerto Morelos.

Because of financial difficulties within the family, Marta dropped out of school when she was ten years old, to help raise her two younger siblings.  Given her experience, Marta is a passionate activist for education and opportunities for women and children.

Marta and Bush have been making a difference for a number of years by “being” Santa Clause and Elf at Cancun facilities for orphans, down syndrome children, and hospitals.  They include Marta’s children and her “adopted” children in their Christmas events.

Bush helped a Puerto Morelos fisherman obtain a kidney transplant through his medical contacts in Minnesota.  Both Marta and Bush are committed to helping those in need.

We welcome Marta, Bush, and the other board members of the soon to be formed Mexican non-profit organization, and we look forward to our new partnership.